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“It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you.”

Lendon Gray

Lendon Gray knew a little something about a little something with this quote! From the day, I traded the gym in for riding, I knew immediately this was a better deal! Horses are emotionally sensitive animals and often serve as a mirror to our feelings. Riding has enhanced my personal growth in areas related to trust, fear, willpower, and confidence. Horses are like teachers that harness super natural powers, disguised as lessons that we learn each time we encounter them.

While working on Jumping, I’ve learned to give a little to get a little. Give the reins, release, look up and ahead to complete the jump. Isn’t this just how life is? You must give a little to receive a little in life and our relationships. It’s when we are looking ahead that we are rewarded with completing the jumps in our lives. Look ahead, don’t look down! Hold fast and steady, chin up, heels down! Live your life by the lessons you’re so familiar with while learning to ride, jump, canter and trot!